South Dakota Family Vacation

This post is long past due but I wanted to share some of the highlights from our family vacation in South Dakota.

In true fusion I’ve made it super random, just like my thought process.

We began at midnight on a Saturday night after I’d finished shooting a 10 hour wedding day. Now I’m sure you’re thinking, oh Kim, you’re so ambitious”. Uh, no. It turns out boys can’t fight in their sleep so we thought it would be best to drive through the night.

Pro tip for families with kids who love to fight and eat for an entire 10 hour car ride, Leave in the middle of the night. Problem solved.

Fun Facts:

  • All bison burgers are not created equal.
  • Taking the boys to Sturges during Bike Week will in fact make you one bad mama.
  • Family vacations are very educational, however, that will all be over shadowed by driving through Sturges.