What to Wear

A common question among clients is what they should wear to their portrait session. Clothing choices are an integral part of the final prints so for that reason I’m outlining a few things to consider when selecting outfits.

Coordinate Colors

Coordinating colors tend to photography better than outfits that are perfectly matched. Consider selecting a palette of 3-4 coordinating colors and select outfits within the palette for each family member.

Add Some Layers

Layering vests, jackets and scarves is an easy and natural way to give depth and texture to your final images. While it’s fun to play with accessories, try not to overdo it or they may end up distracting from the subject (s).

Be True to You

My goal is to capture authentic images of your children and/or your family. Select clothes that reflect your personal style and taste rather than forcing yourselves into something trendy or outside of your comfort zone.

  • Express Your Personal Style
  • Veto Trendy (unless you love the trend!)
  • Go for comfort